Timetable for West District Delegates Papers 2018

Deadline for Convenors Reports to be sent to District Secretary


Issue Papers to Delegates By

Date of Meeting

24th January

No timescale set – 7 days

31st January

7th February

28th March


No timescale set – 7 days


4th April


11th April

23rd May


No timescale set – 7 days


30th May


6th June

22nd August


No timescale set – 7 days


29th August


5th September

2nd November


Must be issued 21 days prior to AGM


9th November


1st December

Governance Documentation

Constitutuon & Byelaws (2015)

Swimming Championship Regulations (2017)

Open Water Swimming Regulations (2018)

For Reference Only

Constitution (pre 2011)

Byelaws (pre 2006)


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