2021 – The Festival of Swimming – 16th to 18th July

The Festival of Swimming will take place as a network of long course meets in Scotland, England and Wales, to celebrate the resumption of competition after the Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions.
In Scotland there will be three discrete meets taking place in long course venues over the same weekend. These will be led by Scottish Swimming to ensure consistency and equality of opportunity across the country for aspects such as:
• Qualification criteria
• Programme of events
• Conditions of competition (in so far as is practical)
The meets will however be managed more locally to spread resources and minimise the costs associated with travel for competitors.
During, and at the end of the Scottish meets, the results will be collated and shared within Scotland. Later, in August, when the meets in all three home nations have been completed, all of the results will be collated and shared, with leaderboards published for each age group.

It is expected that East District clubs will be eligible to swim at RCP, North District clubs will be eligible to swim at ASV and West District clubs will be eligible to swim at TX.
Where swimmers are not resident in the District of their First Claim club at the time of the competition (eg University swimmers), they should be entered into the meet taking place at the venue closest to them, by a club that they are a member of, that is affiliated to that District.

*If it is not possible for a swimmer to enter their local meet in the name of a club affiliated to the relevant District, and for swimmers wishing to seek an exception to swim in a Scottish meet, please contact Lindsay Lewis (Event Manager) as soon as possible.
All applications for exception must be received by 18 June 2021.

2021 Summer Festival of Swimming Meet Information & Meet Event Files

Full Meet Information Meet Event Files available on Scottish Swimming website (click to access)



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