Be Part Of the Wayne Goldsmiths UK & Ireland Tour Programme

West District are hosting a Weekend with Wayne Goldsmith at Dollan Aqua Centre, next weekend, 27/28th April.

Places are still available for all Sessions and Parents Session is open to parents/guardians of ANY competitive swimmer.

Wayne has a full schedule while over here from Australia and is working in the North District this weekend with a programme similar to that in the West.

He has been at the British Championships at Tollcross this week representing Swimming World and the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Take the opportunity to Meet, Listen and Work with a internationally recognised expert in Sports Coaching and Sports Parenting.

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Final UK / IRELAND / NORTHERN IRELAND Tour 2019 Information.

April 17th – 19th – British Swimming Championships (Glasgow) representing Swimming World and the International Swimming Hall of Fame.
April 20th – 21st – Aberdeen – Swim Clinic
April 22nd – 23rd – Two days off to find the Loch Ness Monster
April 24th – Glasgow – Meetings
April 25th – “Swim Easy” Swim Clinic
April 26th – Glasgow – Meetings
April 27th – 28th – East Kilbride – Swim Clinic
April 29th – Cork – Lectures at Cork Institute of Technology
April 30th – Day off
May 1st – Dublin – Lectures at Dublin City University with Dave Keelty
May 2nd – Dublin – Presentation to HP Swim Coaches
May 3rd – Galway
May 4th – Galway – Swim Clinic
May 5th – Castlebar – Swim Clinic
May 6th – Dublin
May 7th – Dublin – Irish Rugby Union Conference (am) / Belfast (pm)
May 8th – Belfast – Lectures Sport Northern Ireland
May 9th – London – Meetings
May 10th – Cockermouth – Swim Clinic
May 11th – Cockermouth – Swim Clinic
May 12th – Manchester – Watching Manchester United at Old Trafford!
May 13th – Birmingham – Meetings
May 14th – Travel
May 15th – Willand – Coaching Clinic with James Marshall Excelsior
May 16th – 17th – Dublin – Performance Coaching Conference Swim Ireland
May 18th – Stockport – Swim Clinic
May 19th – Day off
May 20th – 24th – Cardiff with Sport Wales
May 25th – 26th – London – Swim Clinic

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