District “Training Times” Ranking Information – Updated 19 December !!

“How Ya Doooin”

Clubs are continuing to get “Back to the Water” and swimmers starting their new, most probably reduced, training cycles.
They may want to understand how they are progressing, with their fellow Club swimmers but also swimmers in other Clubs.

Swim Meets, in the traditional format, will not be readily available during the coming months and initial Meets will most probably be “virtual”.

Until then, swum times can be taken during club training sessions, anything from one swimmer in a lane to full time trails, see following for ideas:

Swimmers can track their progress, based on “training times” and “time trial results”, submitted by their Clubs in the Rankings now available on the following link:

District ” Training Times” Rankings Table – click here 

Times/Results for the “Training Time Rankings” can be submitted on a weekly basis, with using the relevant WEEK ?? Meet File download as per the following:

Rankings – Information/Instructions

“District Ranking” Meets AND “Tighinn Còmhla” – Event File Downloads

December Week 49 Rev1(30/11-06/12) Tighinn Còmhla Round 3 (11/12) Week 51 Rev1 (14/12-20/12) Week 52 Rev1(21/12-27/12)
January Week 01 (04/01-10/01) Tighinn Còmhla (Jan) Round 1 (13/01) Week 03 (18/01-24/01) Tighinn Còmhla (Jan) Round 2 (27/01)
February Week 05(01/02-07/02) Week 06 (08/02-14/02) Week 07 (15/02-21/02) Week 08 (22/02-28/02)

Important Note: Event Files for have been updated for 7-99yrs and ALL strokes/distances.

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