No Pooltime due to COVID-19 ? – Some “Virtual” Training Ideas

To help swimmers keep fit, both in body and mind, during the period of COVID-19, here are some links to Virtual Training and some other relevant materials for both swimmers and Coaches to partly substitute for the loss of water time.

Thanks to all those that have prepared the materials, made them available and supporting our swimmers during these unprecedented times.

Click on the links below to access the materials.

Virtual Training c/o Dingwall ASC  – fantastic source of materials for body and mind Can’t Swim? Here Are 25 Things You CAN Do To Stay In The Zone & Get Fighting Fit
Wayne’s World: Top 10 tips while sport is off Jazz Carlin – Home Workout – Part 1
Hannah Miley – Challenge “Zoom” – Comms App for Training/Quizes/Meetings and Club Contact during Shutdown
Warrender Baths – Week 2 Workouts – Thanks to Konstantinos Kalitsis Kids and Corona – 10 Ways to Work Together, Play Together and Stay Together at Home.

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