Covid19 – Guidance from around the World on Re-Start of Club Coaching Sessions and Events

The CURRENT position in Scotland

As at 20th May, the current information from Scottish Swimming on the status of Pool Access/Training Re-Start and Events is as follows:

Scottish Swimming Statement – 14th May 2020

Updated information is expected in the coming weeks, once the Scottish Government have set out the way forward after current lockdown.


In order to temper enthusiasm and encourage the right mindset of Club management and Coaches at West District Clubs, the following links give access to information from other countries, as at 20th May, on Facility Openings/Training Startups/Events.

There are COMMON THEMES and PRACTICES that should be taken into your current thinking and early planning at West District Clubs for the re-start of water and land based activities.

SCOTTISH SWIMMING Guidelines will the “rule book” when issued, but Risk Assessment of every process and activity will be critical.

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT – following information/links are to INDICATE ONLY the type of things that will face West District Club Managements, Parents, Coaches and Swimmers in their preparations to get in the water.

Click on the links below to access the information.

USA Swimming – Facility Reopening Plan Guidelines Swim Australia – Return to Club Activities
USA – American Swimming Club Example New Zealand – Back to Swimming
Swimming Pool Study for Covid19 – Myrtha Pools Germany – DSV Guide – Return to Water
England – Elite Sport Return to Training Guide







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