2021 Tighinn Còmhla – National Virtual Gathering

After the success of “Tighinn Còmhla 2020” and with more Clubs “Back to the Water”, the Scottish Swimming Districts are collectively promoting “Tighinn Còmhla 2021 – January Series”.

Described as a National Virtual Gathering, it provides clubs and swimmers the opportunity to have timed swims, completed in the training environment, included in District and National Virtual Rankings with regular Leaderboards and Reports. 

It is positive and simple!

In the West District, the entries for “Tighinn Còmhla 2021 – January Series” will replace Weeks 02 & 04 entries for our “Rankings Meets”, so as well as Tighinn Còmhla” Leaderboards, the results will be included in our District Rankings.

Full Information is available here “Tighinn Còmhla 2021” Entry Information and please visit the new Tighinn Comhla WEBSITE for Leaderboards, Top Times and Reports.

Meet Event files for use with Swim Manager, Team Manager, Team Manager Lite and Team Unify can be downloaded here and also from the District Rankings page.

2021 Tighinn Còmhla – 13 January Meet Event File 2021 Tighinn Còmhla – 27 January Meet Event File

Please contact John Deans at admin@scotswimwest.co.uk for any assistance with managing “custom entries” in Team Manager, Lite or Team Unify.

Submit Entry Files to: rankings@scotswimwest.co.uk

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