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Update to Rev 1 – 2018 Long Course Age Group Championship Round 1 – Programs/Psych Sheets

The Programmes/Psych Sheets for Sessions 1 thru 4 of Long Course Age Group R1 Championships have been updated to Revision 1 for all sessions and are available for download

on the 2018 District Meets page click to access

The Club Entry Lists with Scratches and Reserves have also been updated and are also available for download on same page.

ASA National County Team Championships – 2018 Scotland West Success

Appreciate this post is a little belated, however hope it gives a an insight to Scotland West Swim Team’s involvement

and the flavour of the weekends activities out of the water at Ponds Forge on 8th October.

A big thanks to swimmers and staff from the District Executive and the Swimming & Championships Committee.

Click here to see “swimmers in action”

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