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NxT Generation Coaches Conference – COACH APPLICATIONS WANTED

NxT Generation Coaches Conference
Friday 16th/Saturday 17th November 2018
Lancashire Cricket Ground, Manchester
Swimming coaches from across Great Britain will get the chance to share their knowledge at this year’s conference taking place in Manchester on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 November. Jointly organised by Swim England, Scottish Swimming, Swim Wales and supported by British Swimming, the conference is primarily aimed at coaches who are in the upper levels of England, Scotland and Wales Talent Pathways. The two-day event will be an opportunity for coaches to cooperatively learn and share their knowledge, practices and behaviours in developing swimmers.
As part of a Coach Development initiative, the West District Executive would like to support two coaches to attend the conference. The fund that will be available may not cover all costs, however we would expect your home club also to support you where possible. In return for this support, it would be agreed for the supported coaches to share the knowledge gained with the other members of the West District at a West District Meet before the end of June 2019 or other event as agreed with the Executive.
We are seeking applications from interested coaches who are looking to develop themselves, their club and also have the ability to share this learning experience in front of an audience.
To apply, please email secretary@scotswimwest.co.uk outlining why you would be a good candidate for selection for support. Applications will close on Thursday 27th September.
For more information please contact Derek McGown, Vice President on del_mcg@yahoo.co.uk at the earliest opportunity.

Coaches Conference

Clarification/Confirmation of District Dates to Year End

Due to changes of Event dates and errors in various Calendars published on the District website, please note the following confirmed dates:

DRP Training Day 1 (Larkhall & Cumbernauld) – Sunday 23rd September

DRP Training Day 2 (Larkhall & Cumbernauld) – Sunday 11th November

DRP Training Day 3 (Larkhall & Cumbernauld) – Sunday 2nd December

Short Course Senior AG Championships (Tollcross) – 27/28th October

Short Course Junior AG Championships (Tollcross) – 17/18th November

Apologies from District Swimming Convenor for any confusion and concern that previously published information may have caused. 

Appeal for Coaches/TMs for Scotland West Team at 2018 Swim England National County Team Championships

Swim England National County Team Championships
Friday 5th – Sunday 7th October 2018
Request for any coaches interested in taking part by Wed 18th July.

The District will be taking a team (Scotland West) down to these Championships and will also swim at the Lincoln Vulcan’s meet on the Saturday prior to the event.

We are looking for Coaches (male and female) who can commit to this years and next years event so that we can keep rotating coaches and give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience this event without losing the continuity and experience required to attend this competition and be successful.

If you would be interested in going down as a Coach or as an Assistant Coach/Team Manager then please contact John Deans, john.deans@blueyonder.co.uk by Wed 18th July.

District Modernisation Workshop follow up

Thank you to everyone who attended the District Delegates Meeting and had input in the Modernisation Workshop following the business of the meeting. Please find attached a copy of the slides and also the link to the survey. From your responses, these will be collated in conjunction with those from the Delegates Meeting on the 6th June to create a District Action Plan. This will then be communicated with the larger group and SASA. We are looking for honest opinions and feedback.

A reminder to everyone that we are asking for your name and club as we would like to be able to respond to opinions and ideas shared, as this follows on from the open forum held at the West District meeting. We want clubs also to be able to help us drive any ideas forwards and make progress in the future.

The link for the survey is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2VQZHY7

Closing date of Sunday 24th June

Slides on the link below:

WD Modernisation Workshop

Derek McGown

West District Vice President


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