Synchro Competition Results

2018 Scottish Inter District Competition Results

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Novice Competition – Bo’ness

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Gold Silver Bronze
Figures Beginners Ailidh Brobyn (North Ayrshire) Rose McGrory (Edinburgh) Kallen Kirkpatrick (North Ayrshire)
Figures Level 1 Samantha Torrance (Ren96) Jessica Philp  (Edinburgh) Anya Bennett (Edinburgh)
Figures Level 2 Niamh Docherty (Clydebank) Hope McCluskey (North Ayrshire) Victoria Torrance (Ren96)
Solo Beginners Ailidh Brobyn (North Ayrshire) Lucy Cherrie (Grangemouth) Mya Shaw  (Ren96)
Solo Level 1 Niamh Preacher (Edinburgh) Indigo Van Der Hoeven (Clydebank) Neve Cassidy (Ren96)
Solo Level 2 Niamh Docherty (Clydebank)
Duet Beginners Paula Nowak/Rose McGrory (Edinburgh) Paige Lazenbury/Erin Patten (North Ayrshire) Brook Dunbar/Lois McLaren (North Ayrshire)
Duet Level 1 Anya Bennett/Jessica Philp (Edinburgh) Uxue Lara/Eleanor Fryer (Nairn) Jessica Ryan/Millie Law (Grangemouth)
Duet Level 2 Samantha McClune/Emma Sibbald (North Ayrshire) Hope McCluskey/Heather Stuart (North Ayrshire) Eilidh Ferguson/Kerry Ternent (North Ayrshire)
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