Swimming Committee

Committee elected at 2022 AGM

Role Name Club Contact
Convenor John Deans Hamilton Baths swimming@scotswimwest.co.uk 07913 059666
Member Ian Fleming East Kilbride ian.fleming@scotswimwest.co.uk
Member Joyce Fleming East Kilbride joyce.fleming@scotswimwest.co.uk
Member Elizabeth Stewart Renfrew Baths elizabeth.stewart@scotswimwest.co.uk
Member  Brian Dalgleish South Ayrshire ST brian.dalgleish@scotswimwest.co.uk
Member Sandy Blackwood REN 96 sandy.blackwood@scotswimwest.co.uk
Member Ann Girvan North Ayrshire licensing@scotswimwest.co.uk
Trophy Steward Allan Fletcher REN 96 trophies@scotswimwest.co.uk
Records Keeper John Deans (temp) records@scotswimwest.co.uk
BSCA Coaches Rep Derek McGown East Kilbride swimcoachrep@scotswimwest.co.uk

Meetings Schedule

Under Review for 2022/23 Season.

Meetings are open to persons eligible to vote (Committee Members and Ex-Officio Members).
Guests may be invited to attend Meetings to provide additional information on/to discuss any
relevant subjects/topics they have submitted to the Committee or are being considered by the Committee.

Business to be considered by the Committee should be submitted in writing (email) to swimming@scotswimwest.co.uk
7 days before the date of Meeting.

Areas of Responsibility (West District Bye Laws Issue 5 – December 2018)

District Swimming Committee shall have the following general responsibilities:

a) Review and bring forward for the approval of Delegates meetings, amendments to the
Regulations for which they have responsibility before promulgation of the Regulations to
b) To submit an annual report to the District Secretary by 30 April each year.
c) To provide a report to each Delegates meeting with the exception of the meeting
specified in District Bye Laws WBL1.2.
d) To submit a proposed budget for their forward programme to the District Treasurer by 31
March each year, and to be accountable and responsible for the implementation of
the agreed programme.
e) To co-opt, if considered necessary, up to three additional members subject to the
approval of the Delegates.
f)  Health and Safety at events they run on behalf of the District.
It is the responsibility of the District Committee to:-
i)  Ensure that all the Health and Safety requirements of the facilities used are adhered
to by all participants.
ii) Define any additional Health and Safety requirements specific to their discipline
where those defined by the facility operator are insufficient to cover their
iii) Ensure that all participants are aware of the Health and Safety requirements that
apply.The Committee have the following responsibilities in addition to those stated above.a) To select swimmers and staff for all District swimming teams.
b) To arrange transport, meals etc. for District swimming teams.
c) To select all swimmers for District squads under the control of the District.
d) To appoint all staff for District squads (Head Coach and Team Manager(s) as
appropriate) under the control of the District.
e) To ensure that squad staff carry out their duties.
f) To liaise with squad staff regarding the squad education programme and all matters
relating to competition and trips for the squads under the control of the District.
g) To administer the Licensing and Accreditation provisions of the Scottish Swimming
Swimming Regulations as appropriate.
h) Administer the Regional Squads on behalf of Scottish Swimming including the provision
of training facilities, the notification of selections and all other appropriate documentation.
i) To organise all District Swimming Championships.

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