WG 2019 Coaching Master Class


Becoming a Great Coach – What’s Holding You Back ?


Wayne Goldsmith hosted his Coaching Master Class at Dollan Aqua Centre, East Kilbride, with Scotland West Coaches on Sunday 28th April.

As this Session was subsidised by the District,  it was an opportunity for as many Clubs to participate as possible.

Level 2 or 3 Coaching Certification and directly coaching a swimmer who qualified for the 2018 Scottish/British Event were the criteria for application to attend.

Twenty Coaches from Scotland West attended.

Session started for Coaches at 9.00am and finished at about 4.00pm.

A “demo squad” of 15 swimmers, selected by age from the Saturday Swim Clinic, started their sessions at 7.30am with guidance directly from Wayne.

Session will be a mix of pool and classroom time and the “demo squad” of swimmers providing demonstration support, but also getting additional tuition and support.


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