Technical Officials & Volunteers

Contact Jean King, the District Convenor, for information about STOs. To improve communications send Jean your email address to

Your STO Team in the West (15/08/20)

Jean King STO Convenor / Area Coordinator
Sheena McCall Committee Member / Area Coordinator
Robert Taylor Committee Member / Area Coordinator
George Lawrie Area Coordinator
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Forms and Information

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“Easy Steps” to becoming a Technical Official Jun 17
STO Meet Calendar 2021 – pending pending
West District Volunteer Expenses Policy Jan 13
Timekeepers Workshop Application Form Aug 19
Scottish Swimming Recorders Application Form Jan 20
British Swimming Judge J1 Online Course Aug 20
British Swimming Judge Application Form Jan 20
British Swimming Licensing Application Form Feb 15
British Swimming Licensing Renewal Form Apr 14
Timekeeper Signature Record Form Jun 08
STO Mentor Guidelines Dec 08
Club Meet – STO Duty Roster Mar 08
Club STOs at District Championships Jun 19
British Swimming STO Training Information Aug 18


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Judge Applications for 2021

Application Forms should be submitted to Jean with appropriate remittance. If you would like further information then please contact Jean or speak to one of the Area Coordinators.

Message to Clubs – STO Duty Roster

All STOs officiating at your Meet are required to sign in for each session on the Meet Officials Roster. These duties should then be completed by the person nominated as the STO Co-ordinator for the Meet by the Club with guidance from the Session Referee. The Referees and/or Area Co-ordinators are not responsible for completing the Meet Officials Roster other than at West District Championships.

Club STOs at District Championships

The requirements for Clubs to provided STOs/session, in relation to the number of swimmers participating, has been reviewed and updated. The new requirements are detailed in Club STOs at District Championships 


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