2022 SC Champs WE1 – Psych Sheets Available for Download and Access to “Volunteer SignUp”

The Psych Sheets for Sessions 1 thru 4 of 2022 SC Championships – WE1 are available for download on the
2022 District Meets page click to access

The Club Entry Lists are also available for download on same page.

Volunteer / STO “SignUp” is available on same page.


PLEASE NOTE – Saturday WarmUp and Session Times have been changed to:

Session 1 WU  08.15am – 08.55am    Session 1  09.00am – 11.15am

Session 2 WU  11.45am – 12.25pm    Session 2  12.30pm – 03.30pm


Sunday WarmUp and Session Times REMAIN the same at:

Session 3 WU  08.15am – 08.55am    Session 3  09.00am – 11.30am

Session 4 WU  11.45am – 12.25pm    Session 4  12.30pm – 03.00pm



2022 Pentaqua Meet – Attendance Registration Card

To ensure that the Meet Organiser can provide PHS “Contact Tracking” with information on attendees at the Meet, a Meet Registration Card is being introduced.

Full information is available on new page – click here – on the website and participating Clubs have been emailed with full details.

Swimmers, Club Coaching Staff, Technical Officials and Support Volunteers are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to apply for a Registration Card and Coaching Staff are requested to use the Volunteer “SignUp” – click here – to pre-register their attendance for “scanning” cross checks.

Alternative methods of Registration will be available on entry to the facility if Registration Card is not available, but this will cause delay and congestion to others at a time of Covid 1m Social Distancing.


2021/22 – District SC Championships WE1 – Entry File Update

The Meet Entries File for WE1 of the 2021/22 Season Short Course Championships has been updated and is available for download on the

2022 District Meets page – click to access

The ONLY change to the Meet Entries file was a mistake in the Meet Name, Long Course instead of Short Course, now corrected and marked Rev 1.

All other settings within the file were set for Short Course and no changes required to them.

Another UPDATE – 2022 – District January “Pentaqua” Meet – Meet Entry File Updated

The Entries File (now Rev1) has been updated to correct the internal age range for Events 107, 109, 207 & 209.

The overall age range was correct at 14-15yrs, however an internal breakdown should have been 14-14yrs and 15-15yrs, to allow split of age range for Results and it had been defined as 14-15yrs.

It is not known if this has any direct effect on the entries selection in Team Manager or Team Unify, but to err on the safe side, an updated Entries file is now available for download on the 2022 District Meets page – click to access



UPDATE – 2022 – District January “Pentaqua” Meet – Meet Information Updated

The Refunds section of the Meet Information (now Rev1) has been updated to reflect the actual process that has been the Refunds policy for over 25 years.

The definition was not stated correctly when the format of the Meet Information Pack was changed/updated.

Meet Information (Rev1) is available for download on the 2022 District Meets page – click to access



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