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New – District “Training Times” Rankings

Clubs are getting “Back to the Water” and swimmers may want to understand how they are progressing, with their fellow Club swimmers but also swimmers in other Clubs.

From Week commencing 12th October (Week 42) the District will publish “Training Times” Rankings to allow swimmers to compare times and understand their progress.

The times published in Week 42 will be for any times swum during Week 40 (28/09 – 04/10).

Full information is available on the District “Training Times Rankings page (click here).

Times can be submitted for all strokes at all distances, except IM.

Success of the Rankings will be solely dependent on the participation of Clubs and Coaches.


New “Insight into the West’s Past” pages in “About” Menu

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the West District of Scottish Swimming.
The Scottish Amateur Swimming Association celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 1988 and to commemorate the Anniversary, the S.A.S.A. commissioned Peter Bilsborough to compile a history of the Association.
With the kind permission of Peter’s widow Ellen, the relevant information relating to the formation and activities of the swimmers, Officials and volunteers of the Western Counties A.S.A. have been extracted from the Associations history and are contained in a set of pages available under “An Insight into the Wests’s Past” in the “About” menu on website main header.

The various extracts cover the period from the early 1800s through to 1988.

Hope you find the content relevant and interesting.

2020/21 District Regional Programme (DRP) – Swimmers List Now Available

The swimmers who have been successful in achieving the necessary qualifying strokes/times or Coach Nomination are listed on the DRP page, click here.

Congratulations to all. 


Due to current Covid-19 restrictions on faciltities etc., the programme is being scheduled as “virtual” at present with consideration of a “hybrid” version once availability to facilities can be progressed.


Contact Jackie Smith with any questions/queries.


Covid19 – Guidance from Around the World on Re-Start of Club Coaching Sessions and Events

Due to the different timescale/progress of Covid19 around the world and the different stages each country is at in the process of recovery, there are plans being generated and ideas shared on how best swimmers can be re-introduced to water in a safe manner.

Scotland is still in lock-down and Scottish Swimming is working on their plans to move forward as restrictions are eased.

When plans and documentation from other countries are reviewed in a general manner, there are many common themes and practices.

Some of these documents can be accessed by clicking here.

West District Club Managements and Coaches could use these documents as INDICATORS and no more of what they should be planning for in coming weeks to get swimmers back in the water.

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